Looking At The Importance Of Protecting Your Eyes From Sunlight's UV Rays

While most people have heard how the sun can impact the health of their skin, many are not aware of how damaging the sun can be to their eyes. Taking steps to protect your eyes while out in the sun is extremely important. Check out some of the reasons you should always wear sunglasses while out in the sun. Cancer Can Attack Your Eyelids Your eyelids do a lot to protect your eyes, but the skin on them is thin, and when you grow older, your eyelids can become extremely vulnerable to damaging effects of the sun's UV rays.

Three Important Things To Know About Convergence Insufficiency

Do you find yourself squinting or covering one eye in order to focus the eyes while reading? If so, you may have an eye disorder called convergence insufficiency. Here are three important things you will want to know about this eye problem. How Convergence Insufficiency Gets Diagnosed When two eyes work together to see things at a near distance, it's called binocular function. If one eye turns outward while trying to focus on a near object, maintaining binocular function becomes impossible.

What Are Your Treatment Options For Glaucoma?

When you're first diagnosed with glaucoma, it's normal to be confused. In its early stages, this disease has few to no symptoms. You can probably see just fine and you don't have any pain, so the idea that you actually have something wrong with your eyes may seem mystifying -- and you may be tempted not to bother to seek treatment. But the thing about glaucoma is that while it starts off symptom-less, it eventually leads to progressive vision loss.

How To Use Cosmetics Properly When Wearing Glasses

If you were just told you will need to wear glasses for vision correction, and you enjoy wearing cosmetics, it may become necessary to switch up the way you apply it so you have a favorable appearance. Here are some tips you can use when applying makeup so you have a polished appearance that makes your eyes look attractive while peeking out from behind your frames. Know How Your Prescription Will Adjust The Appearance Of Your Eyes

Small Eyes Need The Protection Of Sunglasses Too

Cumulative exposure to the sun's harmful rays may increase the risk of vision problems. And since kids generally spend more time outdoors, their exposure to ultraviolet radiation adds up to more than that of many adults. That's why it's important to have your child wear sunglasses that block ultraviolet rays and visible blue-violet light that can be damaging to his or her eyes. Why Your Child Should Wear Sunglasses Sunglasses do more than reduce the glare from the sun.