What Is Presbyopia And How Does Wearing Non-Prescription Reading Glasses Affect It?

Commonly referred to as 'old vision', presbyopia is a condition that happens naturally in your eyes because of aging. As you grow older, your vision can be impacted by protein hardening in the eye's natural lens, causing presbyopia. When the proteins harden in the lens, your eyes have less elasticity. Many people begin having problems reading small print or seeing objects in the distance. If you have started wearing non-prescription reading glasses you found at your local pharmacy or dollar store, follow these tips for making sure wearing them does not cause your vision to be worse.

Avoiding Eye Strain Is Vital For Maintaining Your Vision

When you choose a pair of non-prescription reading eyeglasses, you may not choose the right lens strength. While it may feel right, you can end up selecting a pair that are too strong or not strong enough. Reading glasses that are too strong can cause harmful eye strain, a condition called asthenopia. If you place too much strain on your eyes, especially if they are already experiencing presbyopia, you will make your natural vision problems worse. Before you select non-prescription reading glasses, visiting an optometrist is important.

Non-Prescription Reading Glasses And Their Level Of Magnification

Many people suffering with presbyopia often have a greater loss of vision in one eye than in the other. For this reason, proscription lenses are made to correct the vision in both eyes differently. For example, you may need a stronger lens for your left eye than the one you would need for your right eye. Non-prescription reading glasses do not compensate for one eye having more vision loss than the other. Both lenses in non-prescription reading glasses are the same magnifying strength, meaning one of your eyes will have too much or too little magnification. To avoid making the strain on one or both of your eyes worse, having your eyes examined by a qualified eye doctor is best. Your optometrist can write you a prescription for the reading glass that are most suitable for your eyes.

Presbyopia Is Normal And Can Be Corrected With Prescription Lenses

Because presbyopia is a normal process of aging, you will need to have regular eye exams to have your prescription lenses adjusted. If you continue to wear the same prescription after your eyes have experienced greater side effects of aging, you could end up with the same type of eye strain caused by non-prescription reading glasses. Making sure you stay on a schedule for your eye examinations is extremely important to maintain the highest level of clear vision possible.

While wearing a pair of reading glasses you pick up at the dollar store will not cause you to go blind, you should be aware of the strain they cause and how it could impact your eyes. If you are having trouble with blurry vision or seeing small print, contacting an eye doctor about it is the best way to go.