How To Use Cosmetics Properly When Wearing Glasses

If you were just told you will need to wear glasses for vision correction, and you enjoy wearing cosmetics, it may become necessary to switch up the way you apply it so you have a favorable appearance. Here are some tips you can use when applying makeup so you have a polished appearance that makes your eyes look attractive while peeking out from behind your frames.

Know How Your Prescription Will Adjust The Appearance Of Your Eyes

If you wear glasses for nearsightedness, your eyes will look smaller. To help enhance the eye area, apply eyeliner or eyeshadow along your lower lashes. Light-colored eyeshadow will also make your eyes appear bigger. When wearing lenses to correct farsightedness, the eyes will appear larger behind your frames. It is best to avoid wearing makeup along the bottom lash line. Stick with a neutral-colored eye shadow so your eye area is not overplayed. Black eyeliner will fare well with any type of frame if it is applied in a cat-eye style to your upper lids.

Draw Attention Away From Your Eyes For A Balanced Appearance

To help make your features a bit more balanced, attract attention to your mouth and wear only minimal makeup on your eyes. First, apply a neutral color like brown, beige, or cream-colored eyeshadow to your eyelids. If your glasses frames are thick or dark, a dark shade of lipstick in red, wine, purple, or fuchsia will complement them well. Wear a peach, light pink, or beige shade to complement thin or light-colored frames. A good rule of thumb is to match your lipstick shade to your frames to even out your overall appearance, making no area of your face stand out as a result.

Try These Enhancements To Complete The Look

If you suffer from dark spots under your eyes, they could be amplified after you put on a pair of glasses. To draw attention away from shadows, use a concealer to cover them up completely. It is best to avoid using a smokey eyeshadow style when wearing glasses as this can make the eye area look too cluttered. Keep your makeup defined and simple for the best look. When wearing mascara, curl your lashes before applying the color. This will help keep your lenses from becoming smudged with excess makeup hitting the glass. It is also best to maintain your eyebrows with plucking or waxing often, as unruly stray hairs will be noticed behind a set of frames.

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