Tips For Adjusting To Your New Bifocals

Bifocals are lenses that have two different types of vision correction. While bifocals are very effective at what they do, some people find it difficult to adjust to the division between the two different types of lenses. The following tips will help you adjust to your new bifocals. Practice Reading Many people instinctively tilt their head downward to read. People who wear bifocals point their face straight ahead to read and use their eyes to look down at the page.

Vision Loss: A Possible Side Effect Of Impotence Drugs

While side effects related to drugs doctors prescribe to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) are uncommon, those that have been reported include back pain, heartburn, headache, nasal congestion, and temporary or permanent vision changes. Vision loss is a more serious side effect and should be reported to your doctor immediately. If you have other medical conditions that put you at higher risk of eye problems, you may want to talk to your doctor more about how impotence drugs work and the potential side effects, particularly the vision problems that have been reported.

Why Do Your Eyes Feel Dry And Itchy By The End Of The Day With Contacts?

Do you have trouble wearing your contacts all day because they always make your eyes feel dry and itchy after just a few hours or wear? You should be able to wear contacts comfortably all day long – if you can't, this is a sign something's not quite right. Here's a look at some possible causes of this issue and what you can do to address them. Allergies Do you suffer from allergies?

What Is Presbyopia And How Does Wearing Non-Prescription Reading Glasses Affect It?

Commonly referred to as 'old vision', presbyopia is a condition that happens naturally in your eyes because of aging. As you grow older, your vision can be impacted by protein hardening in the eye's natural lens, causing presbyopia. When the proteins harden in the lens, your eyes have less elasticity. Many people begin having problems reading small print or seeing objects in the distance. If you have started wearing non-prescription reading glasses you found at your local pharmacy or dollar store, follow these tips for making sure wearing them does not cause your vision to be worse.

5 Habits That Will Keep Your Eyes In Good Shape

Vision loss is a pretty common issue, especially among elderly people. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, one in three people experience vision loss once they turn 65. That is why it is critical so start taking better care of your eyes right away. Here are five habits that will keep your eyes in good shape: Wear Sunglasses If you do not always put on sunglasses before you leave the house, it is definitely time to get in the habit.